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1. března 2018 v 0:36 | Vecerda
We would like to thank you this way because you were really kind to us.
I have to say that I have met few persons like you who were without any predictions. So I would like to tell our story when we leave you. It started when some Italian family stopped to us and they were really talkative, so we are invited to Italia next year. They took us to the centre of Frankfurt because we wanted to sightseeing. Frankfurt is not such a nice place for me, but of course everything was at least interesting. After walking trough city we decided to go to Mainz to visit friends. Unfornatelly we wasn't able to catch any car, so we used train (yeah, it was quite expensive but we wanted to pay that from money which we hadn't had yet, from busking in Mainz). But that day we wasn't busking because it was quite late and also we met our friend.

That night was really terrible. We slept in some park near the centre of Mainz and it was really dirty park. How big was our surprise when we found a nice shelter quite near to our "camp" in the morning. But we were lucky at least in the one thing, the strongest rain came while we were sitting in a bakery for a breakfest. Breakfest cheered up us, so we tried to make some money by busking. And we were succesful, the fair from Frankfurt to Mainz we payed was a nearly half less than we made by playing the guitar and singing.

So we got some money and after that we tried to hitch-hike some car. But before we caught a car we met some man in the rent who was from Czechia. It was funny because in the middle of Germany we can talk with somebody from our country and in the Czech language. He gave us 10 euros, just for a trip. Yeah, we were a bit shocked (then I realize, that if you are hitch-hiking, you are like the lowest society on the Earth, or people just think like that about you - another guy was close to gave us some money in Frankfurt and his face expresion was full of mercy). But if he wanted to donate we allow him to do that. Why not.

Our next stop was Frankfurt airport - we decided to leave our goal, reach the cost of Atlantic ocean because we hadn't to much time to get to our homes. You know, we had to be on Sunday morning at home. Back to the Frankfurt airport. We catched a truck and it was awsome. He stopped in a road strip right behind the crossroad and everybody (drivers) was upset about that except us of course. We ever wanted to go by truck, it was our secret wish and it comes true. So we went to some fuel station and then stopped really boring pair of people who were listen to some Italian love songs. At least they were fast, so we reached Nürnberg. But it was late and we slept in the forest near the highway. The worst night of our trip. I founded one snail when we wanted to leave this place, but the second snail I missed. And it was raining all the night, so I had a little bit wet sleeping bag. But live goes on, so we tried to keep high despite all of these troubles.

Next driver who stopped take us to Nürinberg, because we wanted to look around in the centre of the city, which was pretty old and beautiful. But it was maybe kind of mistake because for three hours nobody wanted to take us. So we had to change our plans and we took a metro to get on another road.That was closely bad as that one before, but again we were lucky. Car who stopped to us was a guy with bike in the boot, so Jáchym had to sit on my leap (yes, we met a police,
but they didn't care about us, fortunately). So we get to Swabach in the evening, it is about 20 kilometers far from Nürinberg. The only thing which is interesting on that city is, that in the neiberhood is highway A6 leading to Prague.

In the morning we met some young woman who were driving near Amberg, so it is very close to borders. We were surprised, that she took us, you know, it was risk for her, but we weren't complaining. And than came the peak of our trip. We met a guy with old caravan, who was like from 70's in America. I was thought that we came in some Keroac's novel. That guy hadn't got his driving license with him and he was completly "free". You have to see him. He was beging for some money or fuel because that car was like a tank - it burnt a lot of fuel and it was really slowly. I don't know how, but that guy were riding from Lyon, so he has to go trough Germany. That was crazy. But we survived that journey and we get to Czechia all right.

So that was our story. I hope that you have a good times and I hope that we will see each other somewhen.

Thank you for everything what you had done for us.

Láďa and Jáchym

P. S. We send you a little present, we were thinking about Czech beer, but Becherovka was a winner.

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